Hyperautomation: The Next Stage of Intelligent Process Automation


As robotic process automation (RPA) successfully proved simple task viability freeing manual efforts, integrated process orchestration now weaves multifaceted solutions maximizing straight-through processing minimally needing human touchpoints slowing throughput unnecessarily. This intelligent hyperautomation guide covers compounding existing automation building blocks achieving amplified productivity previously hindered solutions tackling solely isolated problem subsets fractionally before.

What is hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation constitutes end-to-end digitization combining complementary technologies automating cross-functional workflows transactionally through unified ecosystems converging isolated task solutions into holistically automated processes touching departments across fulfilling orders received ultimately payments reconciled financial quarter close performance transparency continually upheld standard.

What is hyperautomation

Beyond RPA incrementally capturing repetitive workflows alone, Hyperautomation injects adjacent enablers like artificial intelligence, event stream processing, integration middleware and cloud scalability realizing far broader digital transformation productivity sought after strategically now finally within reach turning optimistic use case visions into daily operational realities reliably pushing leading indicators heralding enterprise wide optimization promises becoming statistically self evident quarter business reviews thereafter.

Essential Capabilities Powering Hyperautomation

Core enablers driving practices include:

  1. Process Mining: Analyzes system logs visualizing bottlenecks quantifying waste and capability gaps guiding next automation priorities roadmaps tackling pragmatically.
  2. Integrated Orchestration: BPM managers schedule end-to-end processes coordinating workloads handled manually, RPA bots and possible third-party APIs sharing common data orchestrated harmoniously.
  3. AI Capabilities: Advanced algorithms parse documents, interact conversationally, route intelligently and enhance decision making automatically without needing predefined hardcoded rules programmed covering every imaginable edge case human handled previously.
  4. Analytics Dashboards: Consolidates enterprise-wide performance metrics monitoring productivity, quality and compliance statistics cross-departmentally flagging deficiencies in real-time.

Achieving Amplified Benefits

Well-engineered Hyperautomation solutions generate compound productivity improvements including:

  1. Shortens Cycle Times: Complete sequential workloads faster through orchestrating handoff elimination between systems, scripts, bots and humans seamlessly instead unnecessarily waiting processing unknown durations randomly before through unreliable miscoordinations.
  2. Raises Quality Consistency: Minimizes errors through centrally enforced validations, data testing policies and version-controlled automation scripts avoiding risky one-off human decisions introducing output variance or interpretation discrepancies downstream unknowingly.
  3. Improves Scalability: Cloud-hosted solutions accommodate usage spikes and workload increases through affordably adding temporary computing resources avoiding fixed capacity limitations traditional enterprise data centers imposed throttling previously ambitious revenue growth and optimism by executives and shareholders alike.
  4. Streamlines Compliance: All activity audit trails chronicle automated workflow steps with immutable precision unlike ephemeral human recollections degrading spotty inaccuracies past workflows depended manual singularly alone before.

Achieving Hyperautomation Initially

Bridge automation islands into unified supply chains through:

  1. Inventory Systems: Catalog existing workflow scripts, bots, APIs and manual processes comprehensively assessing optimization gaps.
  2. Prioritize Workloads Strategically: Shift highest value yet repetitive daily volumes automating first maximizing customer facing solution reliability uncovering hidden capacity fueling additional growth areas transformed thereafter compounding aggressively.
  3. Instrument For Transparency: Monitor key productivity indicators like output volume, cycle time, quality and system uptime building baseline awareness first.
  4. Celebrate Quick Wins: Maintain project momentum through low-hanging fruit automations first, then more complex challenges delivering high five excitement motivating teams reinforcing shared purpose rather allowing lagging siloed spirits slowing transformation journeys realized together not individually alone heroically in spite past beliefs assumed commonly.


Hyperautomation cements durable foundational steppingstone where before isolated standalone automation successes accumulated narrowly still unable lifting enterprises holistically without orchestrated integration interconnecting parts united executing synchronously. But quests optimizing operations continually only achieves status quo faster rather than innovating processes uniquely creating true differentiation gaps competitors take years reengineering backfill unwillingly through complacency. Combine automation and imagination launching enterprises competitive orbits uncatchable by those solely reacting today’s threats but no longer shaping various industries proactively instead.

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