Exciting New Programming Languages Arriving in 2024


The field of software development never sits still. Programmers always aim to create better tools that make coding easier, safer, and faster. The year 2024 promises several groundbreaking new programming languages that will change how we build software. In this article, we will explore some highly anticipated languages on the horizon and the new capabilities they will bring.

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Rust 2.0:

Rust has rapidly grown from a small Mozilla project into one of the most loved languages. Rust emphasizes speed, safety and concurrency control. Rust 2.0 will build on those strengths with features like generic specialization to optimize performance. It will expand async programming so developers can more easily write highly parallel systems. The Rust team is working towards a 2024 release.


Facebook is cooking up an intriguing new systems language called Carbon that focuses on speed and efficiency. Carbon will utilize modern compiler technologies to generate optimized machine code that stays very close to the metal. It takes inspiration from Rust with a similar type system and borrowing model for safety. Facebook engineers are aiming to unveil Carbon in 2024.


Daisy is an open source language from non-profit KelpLang looking to make programming more human-friendly. Daisy uses an English-inspired syntax designed to be read like prose rather than code. The compiler aims to infer what the programmer means to eliminate bugs. Daisy is slated to hit a 1.0 production-ready release in 2024.


For web development, Vale aims to be a next-gen strongly-typed client-side language that compiles to WebAssembly. It promises improved type safety and faster execution than JavaScript. Vale is designed to interoperate seamlessly with existing JavaScript code. The Vale team plans to launch the language in 2024.


Inko stands out as a object-oriented language with a focus on concurrency and safety. Inko prevents data races at compile time. It also simplifies async coding with actor-like objects and channels. The Inko team is working towards a 1.0 release in 2024.


The programming language landscape looks ripe for disruption in 2024 with multiple compelling options on the horizon. Rust 2.0, Carbon, Daisy, Vale, and Inko are just a few that aim to boost productivity and performance. The languages we code in are sure to continue rapidly evolving.

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