What is Tech Jargon?

What Exactly is “Tech Jargon”?

Tech jargon refers to the specialized vocabulary – words, abbreviations, and phrases – used when talking about technology. These technical terms relate to computing concepts, hardware components, software programs, and more.

Person looking puzzled and overwhelmed as glowing technical symbols float around their head
Tech jargon can mystify those unfamiliar with the terminology, like getting lost in translation.

People working closely with technology use jargon to communicate concisely. But these words often mystify others trying to understand technologies. By learning some core tech jargon though, technology becomes far less puzzling!

Why Learn This Terminology?

Knowing common tech terms helps avoid confusion and enables easier use of technology. For example:

  • Deciphering software requirements when troubleshooting tech problems
  • Understanding specifications when shopping for new devices or services
  • Identifying Roles when pursuing technology-focused careers
  • Following instructions when building skills through online courses
  • Participating in technical conversations confidently

Demystifying Common Examples of Tech Jargon

Here’s clarification on a few ubiquitous tech acronyms:

  • CPU – Central Processing Unit, the main component carrying out computer computations. It’s the “brain” running everything.
  • GUI – Graphical User Interface, referring to the visual elements of software like windows, menus, icons, and buttons. This defines how users interact with programs.
  • SaaS – Software as a Service, which allows the use of applications over the internet, without installing them locally. For example, web-based email services.
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network lets devices connect securely over public networks. It essentially creates an encrypted tunnel for data transfers.
  • USB – Universal Serial Bus, the plug-and-play interface standard allowing connectivity of keyboards, printers, phones, and most devices to computers.


Tech jargon seems bewildering initially but becomes familiar surprisingly fast by starting with commonly used terms. Technical dictionaries, internet searches, and technology-focused conversations greatly accelerate building fluency. Soon you find yourself using terminology for troubleshooting, shopping, skilling up, and more!

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