Top 5 Open Source Quantum Computing Projects with Practical Quantum App Development

Quantum computing is a rapidly evolving field with the potential to revolutionize various industries. It promises not just theoretical advancements but practical solutions to real-world problems. To harness this potential, open source quantum computing projects have emerged, enabling the development and deployment of quantum applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the top 5 open source quantum computing projects, with a special focus on their practical applications, and we’ll also explore the key concepts of “Practical Quantum Computing” and “Practical Quantum App Development.”

Practical Quantum Computing:

Practical quantum computing goes beyond the theoretical realm, aiming to apply quantum computing technology to address tangible challenges. Instead of merely exploring the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, practical quantum computing focuses on using quantum computers to perform real-world tasks. These tasks span a wide range, from optimizing complex systems to simulating quantum chemistry for drug discovery and solving optimization problems more efficiently than classical computers.

Practical Quantum App Development:

Practical quantum app development involves creating software applications that harness the capabilities of quantum computers to solve practical problems. These applications cover a broad spectrum of fields, including quantum simulations for materials science and quantum chemistry, as well as quantum algorithms for financial modeling and cryptography. Developers in this domain aim to deliver tangible benefits by utilizing the unique properties of quantum computing to address real-world challenges.

Top 5 Open Source Quantum Computing Projects

Qiskit by IBM an Open source Quantum Computing Project

1. Qiskit by IBM: Qiskit stands as a comprehensive open-source software development kit (SDK) for quantum computing, making it a practical choice for developing quantum applications. Its functionality encompasses quantum programming, simulation, and experimentation. Qiskit is a valuable resource for researchers and developers worldwide, allowing them to construct and test quantum algorithms tailored for practical quantum computing applications. It consists of Qiskit Terra, a programming language; Qiskit Aer, a quantum circuit simulator; and Qiskit Aqua, equipped with tools for executing quantum experiments on real quantum hardware. With its constant updates and strong developer community, Qiskit serves as an excellent starting point for those interested in exploring quantum computing and practical quantum app development.

Cirq by Google an Open source Quantum Computing Project

2. Cirq by Google: Cirq, a Python software library, empowers users to create, manipulate, and optimize quantum circuits, making it a practical tool for developing and testing quantum algorithms suited for practical quantum app development. Its adaptability allows it to run on quantum computers and quantum simulators, making it suitable for both research and practical applications. Despite its relatively recent emergence, Cirq has swiftly become one of the most popular open source quantum computing projects, known for its user-friendliness and extensive feature set, making it an ideal choice for developers, whether beginners or experts, engaged in practical quantum computing.

ProjectQ by ETH Zurich an Open source Quantum Computing Project

3. ProjectQ by ETH Zurich: ProjectQ, implemented in Python, stands as an open-source quantum computing software framework designed explicitly for practical quantum app development. It simplifies the implementation of quantum programs in Python through a powerful and intuitive syntax. ProjectQ offers versatility, accommodating a range of quantum computing tasks, and boasts a mature presence in the field, complete with thorough documentation and a vibrant community of users and developers. For those seeking a dependable and well-supported open source quantum computing framework for practical applications, ProjectQ is an excellent choice.

Forest Open source Quantum Computing Project by Rigetti Computing

4. Forest by Rigetti Computing: Forest emerges as a high-performance open-source quantum computing software platform, tailored for practical quantum app development. It encompasses tools for quantum programming, simulation, and experimentation, making it a robust resource for developing and testing quantum algorithms with practical applications. Despite its relative newness, Forest has rapidly risen in popularity among open source quantum computing platforms. It’s designed for scalability and efficiency, enabling the execution of quantum algorithms across various quantum hardware platforms. This makes Forest a prime choice for researchers and developers engaged in cutting-edge quantum computing applications with a practical focus.

open fermion card announcement 480

5. OpenFermion by the University of Chicago: OpenFermion, a Python software library, specializes in simulating and studying quantum chemistry and materials science problems on quantum computers, contributing significantly to practical quantum app development. It offers a mature platform with extensive documentation and a vibrant user and developer community. OpenFermion’s practical applications extend to simulating quantum chemistry for drug discovery and materials science, making it a valuable tool for researchers in these fields.


These open source quantum computing projects underline the significant strides being made in practical quantum computing and practical quantum app development. As the field continues to evolve, these projects not only provide valuable tools for addressing real-world challenges but also offer avenues for anyone interested in contributing to the future of this exciting and transformative field.

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