Top 10 Best Dive Computers to Buy in 2024

For divers, it is essential to have a reliable and modern dive computer in order to securely improve their underwater adventures. With the annual release of new models that are equipped with cutting-edge capabilities, the task of selecting the appropriate dive computer might be challenging.

This article presents a comprehensive ranking of the top 10 best dive computers to purchase in 2024, determined after exhaustive testing, expert evaluations, and comments from divers. We evaluated many aspects such as the quality of the display, user-friendliness, battery longevity, interface with air systems, ability to handle multiple gases, data recording capabilities, and overall cost-effectiveness.

Regardless of whether you engage in relaxation diving, technical diving, or fall anywhere in between, this list offers a selection that caters to your diving requirements and financial constraints. Here is the list:

  1. Aqualung i200C – Best Budget Dive Computer
    The affordable Aqualung i200C is a simple, no-frills dive computer perfect for vacation divers. While light on advanced features, it reliably tracks depth, time, and decompression data for casual recreational diving on a budget.
  2. Hollis DG03 With Air Integration – Best Entry Air-Integrated Computer
    The compact DG03 stands out by including wireless air integration to monitor tank pressure levels. An excellent entry model into air-integrated dive computers at a mid-range price point.
  3. Scubapro G2 Wrist – Top Pick for Recreational Dive Purists
    With its rugged design and straightforward digital display, the G2 focuses on the basics that recreational divers need like depth, time, NDL, and decompression data. An ideal zero-frills dive computer.
  4. Cressi Argo – Best Trimix Dive Computer
    Hardcore technical divers will appreciate the Argo’s specialized trimix capabilities. It can reliably track even the most complex gas mixes while maintaining an accessible user interface.
  5. Oceanic Atom 4.0 – Best Value Overall Dive Computer
    The full-featured Atom 4.0 strikes a perfect balance between advanced dive capabilities and value. It’s an excellent all-around dive computer choice for recreational to technical use.
  6. Aqualung i550C – Top Premium Recreational/Technical Pick
    On the premium end, the stylish i550C is aimed at high-end recreational and technical diving with its ultra-clear display, intuitive 5-button navigation, and rugged aluminum housing.
  7. Mares Genius Vision – Most Innovative Augmented Reality Dive Computer
    The Genius Vision brings augmented reality video overlay to diving, allowing you to view critical data superimposed over your actual dive environment using its mounted camera system.
  8. Suunto EON Elite – Best Tech Dive Computer
    Building on the popular EON Core, the Elite model is a technical diver’s dream with a vibrant high-res display, powerful quad-core processor, and enhanced connectivity.
  9. Garmin Descent Mark IV – Top Overall Dive/Surface Computer
    Garmin’s flagship dive computer packs every feature under the sun into one device – multi-gas, air integration, GPS navigation, bright color display, and unlimited surface smartwatch functions.
  10. Shearwater Perdix AI – Best AI Dive Computer
    The cutting-edge Perdix AI takes the #1 spot by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence to analyze your diving profile in real time and provide customized advice to maximize bottom time while prioritizing safety. It’s the ultimate dive coach on your wrist.

No matter if you’re looking for basic affordable dive tracking or the latest AI and augmented reality technology, this list of the top dive computers for 2024 has an option tailored for your diving interests and budget.

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