Quantum Computing in 2024: What’s Next?


Quantum computing is advancing quickly. By 2024, we may see bigger and more powerful quantum computers. This article looks at what to expect with quantum computing in 2024 and beyond.

A quantum chip with arrows pointing to growth and expansion in 2024 to signify advancing quantum computing
By 2024, quantum computers are projected to advance to over 1,000 qubits. While still not at the level of quantum advantage over classical supercomputers yet, this moves the field notably closer toward practical quantum applications.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computers use quantum physics instead of normal computer bits. They can do certain tasks much faster than regular computers by using “qubits“. Qubits can be a 1, a 0, or both at the same time using superposition. This gives quantum computers more processing power. Read more about Quantum Computing here

Will We Have a Useful Quantum Computer by 2024?

In 2024, we probably won’t have a quantum computer that’s useful for most tasks yet. But we should have quantum computers with over 1,000 qubits. This moves us closer to “quantum advantage” – when quantum computers can beat regular ones.

Right now the biggest quantum computer has less than 500 qubits. But quantum computing is progressing fast. Companies like Google, IBM, and Intel are investing heavily. By 2024, practical applications could be starting.

What Will 1,000+ Qubit Quantum Computers Enable?

1,000+ qubit quantum computers will allow us to test more complex quantum algorithms. Areas like chemistry simulations, optimization problems, and machine learning may see initial uses.

These quantum computers will still have limits. But they will let researchers push quantum computing further toward wide commercial use later in the 2020s.

Key Quantum Computing Players in 2024

Companies like Google, IBM, and Intel will lead quantum computing in 2024. Startups will also keep developing new qubit technologies. Governments are backing quantum computing research too.

In 2024, we’ll see more cloud access to real quantum computers. This will help grow the community of quantum programmers.

Quantum Computing Challenges Ahead

Making useful quantum computers with high qubit counts poses huge engineering challenges. Keeping quantum states stable is hard. Connecting many qubits together gets harder as a quantum computer grows.

Advances in areas like error correction are needed so qubits act properly. Cooling down quantum chips to extremely low temperatures uses lots of energy too.

The Future After 2024

By the mid to late 2020s, quantum computers could reach the point of quantum advantage over regular supercomputers. Once we get 10,000+ qubit quantum computers, early real-world uses may emerge in areas like chemistry and medicine.

Further down the road, bigger fault-tolerant quantum computers could let us try more advanced applications. The future of quantum computing after 2024 looks exciting!


While practical quantum computing may still be years away, 2024 could be an important milestone. Quantum computers will get more powerful and inch closer to having usefulness beyond just research. 1,000+ qubit quantum computers will let us run bigger tests to move the field forward toward the promise of quantum computing.

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